b conzept - Always one step ahead

b conzept is a full concept company that sells business to business solutions for promotional items, gifts and apparel.
Our headquarters is located in Silkeborg Denmark and we have sales office and showroom in Copenhagen.

b conzept is well consolidated and listed AAA + rating, as one of very few in the industry.

As one of few we sell all brands, and to keep cost low, we do not have a warehouse to obtain. 

We have our own agencies and exclusive rights. It has helped us to create a strong profile, and we have merchandise and promotional items that you can not get elsewhere.

Furthermore b conzept differs by a having several reliable and user-friendly webshop solutions. We know how importent it is with efficiency, and have founded our business around solutions that we provice to our customers, to make it easier.

We are one of only three companies in Denmark, which are BSCI approved and cleared to trade with companies like Maersk, Microsoft, Grundfos and others.

Our logistics center in Silkeborg daily runs weborders with deliveries to more than 80 countries with a strong purchasing and inventory management.  Membership of the Nordic purchasing Global Goods has Director Jan Facius emphasize all Nordic and international rules that b Conzept thus acting for both sales and procurement terms.

b conzept has a strong focus on the code of conduct, sustainability and social responsibility.

The company was started in 2003 by Jan Facius. There are twelve people on the team, all with extensive industry experience.

The ambition is to sell to the Nordic countries and through our networking, to be represented in the Nordic countries with a strong sales force.
To maintain status as a AAA + rating and create a strong, healthy company
To be perceived as the industry's best full-conzept innovative partner
To operate a strong and healthy company with a focus on all stages before, during and after
To be known for good customer relations
Being an attractive workplace

We are an innovative and constructive partner that continually add value to customers and partners.

b conzept provides employees with joy, challenges and security in daily life.

Contact us:
Phone:+45  87 24 20 30
All weekdays from  08:00 - 15:00

E-mail: post@bconzept.dk

b conzept ApS
Hagemannsvej 6E
DK-8600 Silkeborg
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